Share Business Card Features

Check out all the features of our Share Business Card

Click to Share

Share your digital business card with ease by using our share business card app. Easily share your business information to various platform with a single click.

Click to Call

Your customers can now easily call and reach you with a single click. Isn't it a business opportunity if your customers can easily call you ?

Click to Whatsapp

Your customers can now directly contact you on Whatsapp without saving your number also. Customers can easily connect to you on whatsapp.

Click to Email

Your customer can send you an email in a single click. They can easily reach you to know more about your business, products or services.

Click to Navigate

Your customers can now easily get your office, shop location and can easily navigate to you with the help of Google Maps.

Save to Phonebook

Your customers can now easily save your contact details to phonebook without typing anything by using "Save to Phonebook" feature.

Website & Social Links

Your customers can now easily reach to your website by a single click. Also all your social links are just a click away from your customers.

Lead Capture Form

Your customer can now easily send you the requirement needed. You will get email notification for each lead submission.

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